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Greetings Everyone, I hope everyone is well and in good spirits.  Before I get deep into this letter I want to apologize to the membership for my public absence over the past few months.  I have high expectations of my staff but much more so of myself and in that regard I have failed recently.  This is something I endeavor to change over the next four months.  As much as

Greetings Everyone, Hope everyone is doing well.  I will make my September address a bit shorter than my August one.  Or try to at least. The UCIP Census is completed and included as a PDF attachment.  I will say I was surprised by it.  Greatly so.  Our member numbers are bit higher than I expected but that also means there are several members who don’t participate much in UCIP beyond

I know many of our members of connoisseurs of all things Trek. Recently Star Trek Renegades was publicly released for anyone to watch for free. This is not a UCIP endorsement of the fan made series but simply an informative post as a group that enjoys fiction in all it’s forms. You can watch it below!

Greetings Everyone, I just wanted to mention that the new temporary UCIP website is up. For those who are unaware I accidentally broke the old website- though not entirely on accident. I had Donald create a copy of the original website for me to begin working on seperately and without paying attention I logged onto the original site instead of the copy and well…started to delete a lot of stuff

Greetings Everyone, Yesterday marked my first official day as the President.  I think most of you have had an opportunity to read my business plan so I am going to keep my inaugural comments brief.  If you have not then please feel free to email  presidentucip.org and I will send you a copy to peruse.  Also, I am sure people have noticed that I am using the “crop circle” version of