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New Website Live

As many of you are aware we lost much of our websites recently and in that time we have been working to recover as much as we could.

The new website is an ongoing project with many exciting features.

Planned features include:

*Restored Characater Database - Thats right people you will be able to reclaim your legacy characters and link them to your account. - Ready for testing

*Account level acadamy your academy course will link to your account meaning as soon as you pass a course it will automatically update across all your characters. - Under Review feedback required

*Intergrated fleet database - Thats right a fully cutomised database system where we can store information relating to UCIP tech and Star trek tech in general to provide useful referance material for our members to use. - Indevelopment

The next stage,

I'm looking for a few test users to review and test some of the current features and provide feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Ideally I would be looking for 1 of the following.

1 x Senior Advisor

1 x Co/Xo

1 x Academy advisor

2 x General Member - 1 Legacy with existing characters - 1 Newer member without existing characters

If anyone is interested please contact Skippy

Posted in Academy News, Corp of Engineers, Federation News Network on Mar 26, 2023.