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The Next Generation...

After a massive hiccup in December that resulted in UCIP nearly losing its entire payload of data, information, and history, a dedicated team set about to resurrecting her once more. UCIP has now risen from the ashes yet again and we are all extremely excited to re-introduce her to the world of Star Trek SIMs.

UCIP is arguably the oldest and most comprehensive Star Trek SIM organization on the internet and is rapidly approaching its 30th Anniversary in 2024. Boasting some of the strongest writers in Science Fiction, UCIP holds the most highly decorated SIMs and writers the internet has ever seen - including the indomitable and legendary USS Vindicator.

Here at UCIP we offer two "fleets" at the moment; a home fleet that ties into a cohesive storyline set by our core universe, and a an independent fleet that is not tied into the main story or plot line of the organization or its IC leadership.

Those of us working behind the scenes absolutely encourage you to poke around our SIMs, join our Discord, and jump in on the fun!

Stay tuned for more updates, changes, and additions as we continue to press forward into the future with this latest reboot of UCIP.


Posted in Federation News Network on Mar 10, 2023.