Greetings Everyone, Hope everyone is doing well.  I will make my September address a bit shorter than my August one.  Or try to at least. The UCIP Census is completed and included as a PDF attachment.  I will say I was surprised by it.  Greatly so.  Our member numbers are bit higher than I expected but that also means there are several members who don’t participate much in UCIP beyond

I know many of our members of connoisseurs of all things Trek. Recently Star Trek Renegades was publicly released for anyone to watch for free. This is not a UCIP endorsement of the fan made series but simply an informative post as a group that enjoys fiction in all it’s forms. You can watch it below!

Greetings Everyone, I just wanted to mention that the new temporary UCIP website is up. For those who are unaware I accidentally broke the old website- though not entirely on accident. I had Donald create a copy of the original website for me to begin working on seperately and without paying attention I logged onto the original site instead of the copy and well…started to delete a lot of stuff

Members of UCIP, It is my sad and unfortunate duty today to inform you of the passing of Jarrod Hassel, known to us as Jazza. Jazza has been a member of UCIP since 2001, having served on several different SIMs over the years, and various staff roles. He CO’d Starbase Versailles for a short period of time, but he’s most known for his dedication to UCIP via his staff commitments.

UCIP celebrates 20 years of role-play!