UCIP celebrates its 20th Anniversary

2014 marks the 20th anniversary of UCIP moving from AOL to the Internet. It’s incredible to believe that some of our members may not have been born when UCIP began. In 1994 Fleet Admiral Mark Miller of UCIP-AOL created a second instance of UCIP on the very young newfangled platform that is the Internet. UCIP grew to become one of the largest RPGs on the planet.

UCIP lead the way with multiple SIMs available for members to join, and innovations such as the UCIP Database. Since 1994, more than 4,500 members and over 10,000 characters have participated in what is now a 20 year unbroken collaborative story.

Throughout 2014 we will be celebrating with a number of events – both online and in person. We’ll be at the annual Star Trek convention in Las Vegas, USA in June and hope you can join us for an official 20th Anniversary dinner.

I would like to take this opportunity to recognise the exceptional staff that keep UCIP going.

  • For her services as Executive Director of the Office of the President, managing the out of character operations of UCIP, I hereby promote Aurora to the rank of Vice Admiral.
  • For his exceptional services in regenerating the IC universe, I award Fleet Admiral Frankie the Presidential Medal of Achievement.
  • For his continued work to restore the UCIP Database on our archive server, I award Fleet Admiral Donald the Special Services Award.
  • For his efforts in rebuilding the OOC community aspects of UCIP, DK is promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral.
  • For his efforts in command of the USS Medusa and Star Trek Online, Dak is awarded the Legion of Merit.

I am also pleased to award all active UCIP members with the 20th Anniversary Medal. You can find the medal via LCARS.

I am also pleased to announce the launch of our new website & merchandise store, created to celebrate this major milestone. We’ll be adding additional functionality on an ongoing basis.

Please visit https://www.ucip.org and register yourself – your profile on the site will be used as your official membership with UCIP and will be used to manage your official out-of-character rank status in UCIP (your highest official rank achieved, regardless of in-character rank). Once you have registered please e-mail sysadmin@ucip.org and advise your username and highest achieved rank. We will modify your rank in the system after verifying with your CO.

Thank you all for your support during 2013, and over the past 20 years. I look forward to celebrating the 30th and 40th anniversaries in years to come.

Live long and prosper,

Admiral Jazza
President, UCIP

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