A Piece of the Action

As my time as President and Commander-in-Chief winds down, it’s time to honor those who have done so much to make UCIP so great over the last two years.

A warning up front: This is long!  Without any further ado…

Sim Awards

 The 2017 and 2018 Andrew Bergen Ribbons are hereby presented to the Commanding Officer and Crew of the USS Vindicator.  The Vindicator’s successes in both years are well documented: finishing as the top Star Trek sim in the 2017 ToS competition and tying a ToS record in 2018 for taking home an award in four consecutive tournaments.  In addition, the Vindicator’s Captain won a Squiddie in 2018.  The Vindicator continues to be the entire community’s standard-bearer.  The Andrew Bergen Ribbon is presented annually to the top sim in UCIP.  It is hereby to be awarded for every calendar year (instead of the previous August-July time period).  In addition, for 2019 and all subsequent awards, it shall be presented to one UCIP-canon sim and one Davis Independent Division sim for two total annual awards.

The Orion Medal is hereby presented to the Commanding Officers and Crews of Cold Station Theta and the USS Enterprise.  Not only did both sims place in the 2017 Tournament of Simulations, but they have persevered through thick and thin to remain faithful, productive, and engaging games for our fleet.  Their excellence and collaborative crafting of the UCIP story & lore are second to none.  They are models for us all to follow.

Crewmember Awards

The Special Services Medal is hereby awarded to Commander Niels Frost, Chief Medical Officer of the USS Ariadne; Commander Evan Merlin, Chief Strategic Operations Officer of Cold Station Theta; Lieutenant Maria Lionza, Chief Science Officer of the USS Enterprise; Lieutenant Brooks Balrog, Chief Operations Officer of the USS Independence; Lieutenant Commander Amanda Sexton, Executive Officer of the USS Jazza; Lieutenant Commander Atven Dantarno, Chief Flight Control Officer of the USS Mark Miller; Commander Jackson Raster, Chief Engineer of the USS Thermopylae; and Lieutenant Anaxar Shran, Chief Science Officer of the USS Vindicator, for their outstanding writing, leadership, and simming.

Commanding Officer Awards

The UCIP Solar Burst Medal is hereby presented to Captain Abigail Rhodes of the USS Mark Miller, Captain Packard Mereel of the USS Thermopylae, Captain Matt Desmond of the USS Jazza, and Captain Dex Hellion of the USS Independence.  All four Captains launched brand new sims, building their crews, stories, and culture from the ground up to the stars.  Their spirit of adventure and willingness to do the heavy lifting is what allows UCIP to continue to grow and thrive.

The 2017 and 2018 Kirk CO of the Year Medals are hereby presented to Commodore Rochelle Ivanova (aka October) of the USS Vindicator.  As already mentioned above, the success of the Vindicator over the last few years is the stuff of legend.  This is in no small part due to October’s outstanding guidance and leadership.  As with the Andrew Bergen Ribbon, the Kirk CO of the Year Medal shall subsequently be awarded for every calendar year to one UCIP-canon sim and one Davis Independent Division sim for two total awards.

Fleet Level Awards

The Golden Nebula Medal is hereby presented to Fleet Admiral Sean Archer (aka Sean), Admiral Coop Williams (aka Coop), and Robby Cook (aka Robert) & Mike Foster (aka ScarredVulcan).  Sean has served as the Chief of Operations for my entire term as President while Coop served as the Chief of Staff for the first portion of my Presidency.  Robby & Mike were advisers during both my campaign and the early part of my time in office.  The advice, counsel, and wisdom from all four were invaluable and a large factor in the success of UCIP over the last two years.  They have helped set us on the right path moving forward.

The Legion of Merit Medal is hereby presented to Commodore Mark Hyacinth of the USS Ariadne, Captain Matthew Desmond of the USS Jazza, and Peter Birt (aka Skippy).  All three have accepted new roles in the midst of change and uncertainty.  Mark became UCIP’s first Chief of Independent Simulations, opening a new door for our fleet’s growth and development.  Matt is now our Media Relations Director, using social media to both connect us together and reach out to the broader community.  Finally, Skippy stepped up in the biggest way to be our Fleet Services Officer after longtime member Donald Davis’s untimely death.  Skippy has been a team player from day one, helping us modernize and improve our IT infrastructure while also assisting our COs with nearly every aspect of their sims.

Presidential Achievement Medal

The Presidential Achievement Medal is hereby presented to Thomas for his term as UCIP President from 2015 to 2017.  He had many notable accomplishments during his two years in office: organizing and consolidating IT infrastructure, expanding social media presence and outreach, completing a fleet-wide census, and more.  Thomas has also long been the emotional leader of this fleet, and that’s still true today.  It’s hard to think of UCIP and not think Thomas too.

The Presidential Achievement Medal is hereby presented posthumously to Donald Davis. Donald served UCIP in many roles over the years, including Fleet Services Officer at the time of his death.  I worked very closely with him as we made website upgrades, launched a sim, and prepared the new Independent Simming Division, which now bears his name.  To focus solely on this accomplishments, however, would not do him justice: Donald was one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met.  He was the glue that held us all together.  With Donald now gone, we all have to be that glue, together.

The Presidential Achievement Medal is hereby presented to October Veritas for service above and beyond the call of duty.  Simply put, no one has done more for this fleet and represented us better to the boarder community than October.  Her accomplishments as CO of the USS Vindicator are unprecedented (2015 ToS, 2016 ToS, 2017 ToS, 2018 ToS, 2016 Simming Prize).  Not only has she served in multiple roles here at UCIP, but she’s also participated in various awards and committees outside of our fleet.  I can also honestly say that without her, there would have been no UCIP renaissance and I wouldn’t be here as President today.  This all culminated with October winning the Squiddie Award in 2018.  She already had the community’s top award, now she also has UCIP’s top award.


There are many more who have made significant contributions to UCIP over the last two years that we unfortunately were not able to recognize above.  As such, in honor of the fleet’s rebirth and in memory of Donald Davis, all members of UCIP as of today’s date are hereby awarded the Donald Davis Cross.  This applies to all crewmembers, Commanding Officers, members of the Admiralty, and anyone else in an official capacity with the fleet as of today.  This may be irregular, but Donald wasn’t just a regular guy.  This award, Donald’s legacy, and UCIP belong to all of us.

Congratulations to everyone!  A list of all UCIP awards can be found here.

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