All Good Things…

When October assumed the Presidency on September 1st of last year, she graciously allowed me to stay on as Fleet Historian.  However, with my new duties as Commander-in-Chief at Independence Fleet (IDF), I unfortunately don’t have the time to do both in an official capacity.  I hereby submit my resignation as UCIP Fleet Historian, effective immediately.

The good news is that I’m not leaving UCIP completely.  For one, I’m still role playing on your USS Independence sim, and I don’t plan to quit that anytime soon.  It’s a great game and an even better group of people.  Second, I’m still going to continue to work on some of the historical pages on our LCARS wiki:

I’m also going to work on our history over at the Roleplay Wiki.  Those of you who have been around for a while, please help with both as you know this club’s history better than I do.  Speaking of history, check out this blast from the past.

Finally, congratulations to everyone for the stellar performance at ToS.  I’m sure October or Matt will have more to say later, but this group snagged four awards!

Finally, I’m happy to see that the USS Sanctuary game we sent over from IDF is still going strong here.  Keep up the excellent work, everyone!

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