All Our Yesterdays


This is intended to be my farewell address, although I more or less already gave that speech back when we got the blog back up and running.  I’ve also already said my thank yous with our awards announcement.  And not to belabor the point, but we have a new constitution too!  With all that in mind, I’ll keep this short:

Serving as your President the last two years has been the highlight of my simming career.  Watching your successes, growth, and evolution has been a pure pleasure.  You are the best the community has to offer: you know how to sim and you know how to have fun.  And that’s really what this simming thing is all about.  It’s been a fun ride–something I wouldn’t trade for anything.

As of 12:00 midnight EST on September 1st, 2019, October Veritas will officially assume the UCIP Presidency from me.  I have full confidence that October will continue to build this historic and storied fleet to new levels.  I look forward to supporting her and her administration as she serves the club in this capacity.

Thank you again for everything.


Charles Star

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