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It gives me great pleasure to introduce Captain Matt Desmond as our new Media Relations Director.  Matt will primarily be responsible for adding content to our blog and social media accounts.  If you have any ideas, please pass them his way!  The Media Relations Director will report directly to the UCIP Chief of Staff.

One of things Matt is going to publish on the blog is a recurring short-form interview with a member of the fleet entitled My Favorite Trek.  Somewhat similar to what I did with Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary: Your Favorite Trek, it will feature the exact same questions with each participant.  So who better to start with on the first My Favorite Trek than Matt himself?

My Favorite Trek

Name (character): Matthew Desmond
Rank: Captain
Sim: USS Jazza
Position: Commanding Officer
UCIP Discord Nick: Apojacks
Favorite Star Trek episode? The Enemy Within
Why? This was such a fantastically done episode and it really explores the duality and inner demons that we all have within ourselves. I think what was so well done about this episode is that it really hit home the point that at the end of the day the man that you feed is the man that will come out. Put simply no matter what you think whether you can or can’t whatever you think is right.
Favorite Star Trek series? Discovery
Why? Because this is the only series other than Enterprise that I can actually my wife to sit down and watch with me. After we both lost a combined 500 pounds with weight loss surgery we’re much more active physically and it’s almost next to impossible to get both of us to be sedentary for more than a few hours at a time, so when we go through two episodes of any show and she asks if we can watch more, it has to be a pretty well done for her to want to watch more of it. The acting is superb, and while I know a lot of people have taken issue with the setting and the technology, I’m sure that if Gene was still alive he’d be saying; “This is what Trek would have looked like at the time if we had the technology.” The storyline is also engaging and compelling and really helps us to understand the politics and attitudes of the Federation and the Klingons during The Original Series.
Favorite Star Trek film? Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Why? It was actually the first Star Trek movie that I had ever seen as a kid and it was just a lot of fun with the crew literally being a fish out of water in the 20th century. “Can you tell me where I can find the nuclear wessels?”
What year did you begin simming? 1998
What sim was it? Trilista Colony
What keeps you simming today? Life can be pretty hectic, I work a full-time job in corporate finance that is pretty mind numbing, to keep from dying of boredom I’m thinking of log ideas and plots in my head as I’m entering information in to spreadsheets. I think if I wasn’t simming, I wouldn’t be able to focus on my task of training to become a firefighter, I’m enrolled in night fire school at a local training center, a lot of my classmates come in from their day jobs and they all say that they have a hard time keeping focused during class. It’s a lot of information to take in, especially after having work all day, so this is the outlet I use to keep my mind focused and sharp throughout the day.
Favorite non-Trek series? Toss up between Chicago Fire, 9-1-1, and Game of Thrones.
Favorite non-Trek film? Toss up between Backdraft and Top Gun.
Favorite book (fiction or non)? Starship Troopers
Favorite musician or band? The Beatles
Favorite superhero? DC: Batman. Marvel: Star-Lord
If you could have any super power, what would it be? Supersonic speed and metabolism like The Flash
Favorite place you’ever ever visited? Niagara Falls
Place you’ve never been that you want to go to? Grand Cayman Island
Favorite food? Pizza, especially anything from Jockomo’s Upper Crust in Indianapolis.
Coke or Pepsi? Let me get real specific on this one….Vanilla Coke Zero. Although if Pepsi still did that fantastic Diet Pepsi Vanilla, I’d choose that, but they don’t, so Vanilla Coke Zero it is.
Lennon or McCartney? This question seems rather unfair…they’re both brilliant, but John Lennon wrote my favorite song of all time “Imagine.” So John Lennon it is.
Star Trek or Star Wars? Star Trek, but Star Wars is pretty cool too. If it’s set in space, I’m typically in…unless it’s really badly done.
Rank the Trek TV shows from best to worst: TOS, TNG, DSC, ENT, DSN, VOY
Rank the Trek movies from best to worst: TWOK, Abrams, TVH, TUC, G, FC, ID, B, TSFS, N, I, TMP, TFF
Were there too many questions in this interview? No

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