October Scores Large In November!

Ongoing Worlds published the latest episode of their acclaimed Simming Endeavor in which 13 original contestants competed for a $100USD grand prize in a Survivor style on-line role-playing ‘game show’.  It’s been 9 weeks of whittling down the numbers through a series of judges and writing based challenges, and one name seems to be coming […]

The Simming Endeavor; a new chapter in distinguishing simming excellence

Ongoing Worlds has been a staple in the Science Fiction writing community for a hot minute now. Hosting games, on-line conventions, informative blogs, it was only the natural progression of things that they take on the responsibility of holding an on-line writing based ‘game show’.  Set in the style of a SIM, the Simming Endeavor […]

Second Sight

Well folks, it’s time for an update in the world of simming.  Right now, our very own President October is participating in The Simming Endeavour, think of it as the Survivor of the simming world.  This contest will run for another five weeks and end on November 24th, each week one player gets immunity (this […]

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