This Side of Paradise

I’ve reprinted below the article about the end of the simming universe that I published on the Ongoing Worlds blog back in 2016. It’s just for fun.  Don’t read too much into it. How will the Simming & Online Role Playing Universe End? by Charles Star / published February 29, 2016 Much like the origin of […]

Is There in Truth No Beauty?

There’s no doubt that we have a lot of quality here in UCIP.  ToS is evidence enough of that!  Quality alone, however, doesn’t make a great sim.  Indeed, there has to be some volume to give the sim depth. In my opinion, quality and quantity share a symbiotic relationship: Don’t neglect one for other!  I’ve reprinted below […]

The Conscience of the King

As many of you know, I’ve long been an advocate for open role playing, which some people in simming call godmodding.  The concept is fairly simple: Everyone writes for everyone.  To be more specific, players are allowed, and even encouraged, to write for the other player-controlled characters.  I first wrote about open role playing back […]

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