Members Meeting – UCIP Constitutional Changes – October 4th 2014‏

Greetings ladies and gentlemen,

It’s just me again, with some rather… better news, I think.

It’s my pleasure to announce a Special General Meeting of the Members of UCIP, the purpose of this meeting is to discuss and hopefully approve changes to the way the organisation is run, the agenda is laid out below and the minutes of the meeting and results of any votes will be posted online for access by the members of this organisation.

Item 1 – UCIP Constitution 2014 & UCIP Organisational Restructure 2014

Item 2 – UCIP Copyright and Data Retention Act 2014

Item 3 – UCIP Sim Rating System 2014

Item 4 – UCIP Members Code of Conduct

Item 5 – Additional Items and Proposals for the next General Meeting

As you can see, this will be quite a busy meeting with some rather important information, so I would like to see as many of you there as possible, I know that it won’t be possible for everyone to attend but there are methods to have your voice heard, as laid out in the documents above, which are available to view online at

The date and time of the meeting are as follows:

Saturday the 4th/Sunday the 5th of October 2014

Saturday the 4th October, 13:00 – MST
Saturday the 4th October, 15:00 – CDT
Saturday the 4th October, 16:00 – EDT
Saturday the 4th October, 21:00 – GMT
Sunday the 5th October – 06:00 AEST

Again, I hope many of you can attend, as this is quite an important decision for the membership of the Organisation to make, anyone currently considered an Active Member under the Constitution is entitled to a vote at such a meeting.


Commander in Chief


Further to my email announcing the members meeting last month, we have made a decision on which irc room to use.
The duration of the meeting will take place in the #ucip room at the time announced previously.
Also available on the charter page are the Copyright Clauses for the Org, these have been redrafted to protect the rights of the members as artists while safeguarding the Org, her sims and any intellectual property created specifically for UCIP.
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