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Well folks, it’s time for an update in the world of simming.  Right now, our very own President October is participating in The Simming Endeavour, think of it as the Survivor of the simming world.  This contest will run for another five weeks and end on November 24th, each week one player gets immunity (this week it is our very own October who won immunity), and someone gets cut.  With each week there is a challenge and all of the writers need to bring their A Game.  The competition is tight, but I’m confident that October is going to come out as the overall winner of this challenge.  If you want to know more, you can follow along here:

Now for some exciting news for all of the membership…in the past something we have done as an organization is recognize the top sim of the year, and pass out awards to command level staff members for a job well done.  This year we are going to do something completely different with the To Boldly Go Awards, and we are going to be recognizing the people that matter the most…our members who make simming a fun thing to do on an everyday basis.

I don’t want to get off on a rant here, OK, probably too late, but in the time that I have been with the organization it has always bothered me that we have never recognized the players down in the trenches who are coming up with new and innovative plotlines and different technology that stays within Star Trek canon.  I’ve seen ideas come and go, I’ve seen CinC’s come and go, but you know, there’s always been people who have just enjoyed being in the trenches of simming and they’ve stuck with it.  I remember when I joined in the spring of 1998, I was a punk, still in eighth grade, and absolutely clueless.  But there were always people along the way who were willing to overlook shortcomings and help me grow not only as a writer but as a person.

These unsung heroes never got much in the way of recognition, but I think I speak for our President when I say that it is time that we recognize these individuals for the hard work and effort that they put in on a daily basis to make simming the best it can be.  I know that there are people who probably don’t want the recognition or the attention, and that they don’t do what they do for recognition and attention, they do it because they love the game and they want to help others hone their writing craft and make simming fun.  These are the people who go above and beyond, and I’m going to guess that these are the people who are dreaming up new scenarios while they go about their day.

Creative minds need to be recognized, and we’ve done a very poor job of recognizing the talents of players in the past.  Yes, we’ve recognized sims, but again, and this is something everyone is going to be tired of reading, we never recognized the individual people.  In the 21 years I’ve been hanging around this organization, I’ve seen some really great CO’s who had great writers in their sims and it was a team effort.  I’ve also seen some CO’s who were not great at running their sims, but they had great writers in their sims who carried the sim forward, not because the CO was great at COing, but because the writers were the ones who were shouldering the majority of the burdens of the day to day operations of the game.  I guess what I’m saying is this…when a sim got recognized, it was never the individuals who were writing, it was always the person who was running the show.     OK, real quick before I get sidetracked, let’s look at how you can win.



Best Overall Artistic Merit;

— Best SIM site

— Best Plot Art

— Best Character Profile

— Best Character Art

— Best Author

Best RnD Overall;
— Best New Technology

— Best New Weapon System

— Best New Ship Design

— Best  New Station Design

— Species Creator of the Year


(NOTE: Artistic Merit and RnD awards will be

chosen from submissions received through the UCIP; Build Your Future contest held from Tuesday, October 1 – Monday, November 25th. Any and all players affiliated with a UCIP SIM may submit items for judging for any and all categories. Limit one item per category per player. All submissions MUST be received no later than 11:59pm EST on November 25th. No exceptions. Submissions must be made for sub-categories only, overall winners will be selected from sub-category winners)


SIM of the Year;


Command Team of the Year;


Best Character Overall;

— Best New Character; A character that has been with UCIP 1 year (12 months) or less.
— Best Senior Character; A character that has been with UCIP 13 Months or more.

— Best NPC;

— Best Villain;

— Best Command Level Character;

— Best Security Officer;

— Best Engineer;

— Best Intel Officer;

— Best Medical Officer;

— Best Science Officer;

— Best Helm Officer;

— Best Tactical Officer;


Best Plot Overall;

— Best Mystery Plot

— Best First Contact Plot

— Best War/Action Plot

— Best Science Plot


Best Log Overall;

— Best Space Battle

— Best Romance

— Best Martial/Fight Scene

— Best Mystery

— Best Scientific Discovery/Breakthrough

— Best feat of Engineering

— Best Thriller

— Best Medical


Best Log Series Overall;

— Best Space Battle

— Best Romance

— Best Martial/Fight Scene

— Best Mystery
— Best Scientific Discovery/Breakthrough

— Best feat of Engineering

— Best Thriller

— Best Medical


Special Achievement Award


(NOTE: Logs are chosen and submitted by command teams. Logs from the Admiralty/Fleet level may be selected and submitted by anyone so long as they are affiliated with a UCIP SIM/Fleet Level platform. Submissions can only be made to sub-categories. Parent category winners will be picked from the winners of sub-categories. Winning characters will be chosen from logs submitted through the ‘Best Log’ categories. Deadline to submit logs and other submissions for entry and inclusion is 11:59 PM EST November 27th, no exceptions.)


As you can see, this isn’t going to be something that only one person is going to clean up and get all of the accolades from.  Everyone has a chance to contribute and everyone has a chance to win.  The days of seeing the same people winning accolades are over.  Going forward we are striving to be a more inclusive organization and part of that means we are going to start recognizing the people who deserve it…the people who sim and make the organization what it is, because let’s be real, if it wasn’t for you the player, we wouldn’t exist.  The direction that Charles has taken us has been about putting the players first, and we hope that as we develop and grow, that this trend will be the torchbearer for the future.



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