Name: Uss Mark Miller
Registry: NCC-120694
Assigned Division Davis Independent Simming Division
Status: In Development
Command Crew:
Commanding Officer - Captain Abigail Rhodes
Executive Officer - Commander Gerald Wainwright III

Featured Open Positions:

The USS Mark Miller NCC 120694, or the M&M as it is affectionately known, is a Nova-class science vessel operating in the farthest reaches of the Federation in the Beta Quadrant. The mission is long-term scientific survey and study of planets and systems charted by long-range explorers and probes. The M&M is tasked by leadership at Deep Space Thirteen to perform more detailed analysis and study of target planets. After the Hobus supernova in 2387 destroyed Romulus, the Romulan Star Empire was thrust into chaos. Factions within the fractured empire vied for control, and Klingons knocked on their doorstep, striking deep into former Empire space. By the time the dust settled, close to a third of the former Empire was annexed by the Klingon Empire. The Romulans that remained founded a Republican government in the Rator system and started to forge peaceful relations with other galactic powers. Now, eight years after the cataclysm, the galaxy has become somewhat more stable. Federation aid still flows into Romulan space as there are still planets recovering. The Klingons, with more territory and power, have become more aggressive, striking out in old patterns and threatening Federation border worlds. This is the galaxy within which the USS Mark Miller operates. The ship focuses on science, but run-ins with the Klingons this close to the Empire are inevitable. Will the little ship persevere? Mark Miller was a founder of UCIP and this vessel and sim are named in honor of his service. Additionally, the Registry number of 120694 is an homage of the founding date of 06 December 1994.

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