Temporary Website up and running

Greetings Everyone,

I just wanted to mention that the new temporary UCIP website is up. For those who are unaware I accidentally broke the old website- though not entirely on accident. I had Donald create a copy of the original website for me to begin working on seperately and without paying attention I logged onto the original site instead of the copy and well…started to delete a lot of stuff I didn’t like/thought was useless and the rest is history. Instead of leaving it looking strange I decided to just go ahead and put up a temporary site to last us until the new site is completed. Since the temporary website is actually doing a lot of what I want the new website to do (though a bit more compact) I have decided to push back the new site’s completion goal to give myself the ability to work on it leisurely. I think the temporary website is still leagues better then the old website and will work well until the new site is completed later in the year.

You can view it here: http//www.ucip.org

Since i am sending an email I will also add a few notes. I am pushing back the census completion by a few days at the behest of a command team. This will also allow me to just attach the census results to my September Address which will be out by the 7th of the September.



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