The Hunt Continues; Admiralty Posts Up For Audition!

The following open positions within Starfleet’s illustrious Admiralty will be filled via application/audition. These roles will be strictly IC unless explicitly stated otherwise and are roles designed to support the greater universe. Each one is intrinsic to the IC running of our fleets and the ships and personnel encompassed within. Each one holds a unique set of responsibilities – but players should be ready, willing, and able to work with one another and with any and all command teams at any given moment. While being a member of the Admiralty is fantastic, it’s to be known that these roles are support roles for driving plots and plot devices in the universe as an undercurrent and driving sim plots along as needed. For those of you not wishing to participate in this particular brand of extracurricular fun, I do ask that you send myself or Skippy your correct eMail so that we can add you to the list and you can read along and decide for yourselves how the happenings across the universe affect your SIMs/characters, or don’t.


Requirements are simple;


  1. You must be a very VERY STRONG writer, have time to contribute, and work exceptionally well with others.
  2. You DO NOT have to have been a member of UCIP in order to apply. However, those who are not pre-existing UCIP members will have character ranks awarded IC only and OOC ranks will be decided according to the highest rank you’ve held in your previous organizations.


To apply, please send an application, complete with a sample of your writing, to

Sample posts should be structured as follows;

500 words (min.)
Subject: Your character has been informed that a brand new species has decided to wage war against a remote Federation outpost. They’ve already destroyed one of Starfleet’s deep space exploration vessels by crippling the engines with a corrosive space slime that we’ve never seen before. How do they react? How do they proceed?




Subject Line: Admiralty Audition

Highest Obtained Rank:
Current SIM(s):
Current Org (if not with UCIP)
Years Simming

Character Name:
Character Age:
Character Species:

What makes this character the best choice for this role?




Open Positions:




  • Commander, Strategic Operations – Works closely with Tactical and Intelligence to devise secure courses of action and solutions to threats within and around Starfleet assets.
  • Commander, Starfleet Tactical – Responsible for broad spectrum implementation of plans of offense and defense during times of war and keeping the fleets in top shape, ready at a moment’s notice, in times of peace.
  • Commander, Starfleet Security – Safety first, Starfleet Security is tasked with keeping the CinC and all members of the Admiralty safe and secure at all times. They are to work closely with Fleet commands in assessing any and all internal threats that present themselves and alert Tactical of all potential external threats.
  • Commander, Starfleet Communications – The media men. You keep the hounds at bay, keeping Starfleet’s best interest at heart when an official statement is needed. Works close at hand with the CinC to be perfectly sure that Starfleet’s image remains shiny.




  • Commander, Shipyard Operations – Utopia Planetia is a very busy place and it’s constantly creating and building new vessels utilizing cutting edge technology. The Commander of Shipyard Operations needs to work extremely closely with the Commander of Starfleet RnD and the Commander of Starfleet’s Corp of Engineers as they design and implement new ship classes, weapons systems, and more. They are encouraged to select a Deputy Commander to assist in these time consuming and delicate matters.
  • Commander, Starfleet Research & Development – The mad scientist in charge of all other mad scientists as they constantly reach and drive to create bigger, better, and more unique ships, weapons, and other matters of technology to help keep the Federation, and Starfleet, ahead of the game.
  • Commander, Starfleet Corps of Engineers – The chief among the builders, tinkerers, and fixers – responsible for all new builds and keeping each and every ship in ship shape, ready to take on the darkness and whatever it holds in wait.




  • Commander, Starfleet Science Corps – The pinnacle of science throughout Starfleet, you’re responsible for disseminating new discoveries to the brass and working with RnD on new technology as it comes to pass.
  • Director of Medical Research – New disease discovered? New cure found? You’re the one that info goes to and you’re the final say on how Starfleet’s personnel are treated and tended to. With so many species joining the Federation, and Starfleet, as a whole, there’s no time to lose and no chance for mistake. Medical research is a round the clock job, and you need to make sure its concrete by working close with the Surgeon General and Commander of Starfleet Science Corps.




  • Commander, Diplomatic Corps – The soothsayer, the one who takes information gleaned by the Ambassadors beneath you and runs it to the top, making stops along the way to Intel and Security as need be. In short, you’re the one responsible with keeping the peace and helping to reach new worlds. You bridge the gap.
  • Director, First Contact Office – Ship finds a new civilization? Yay! You get to pour over the research and report it to everyone necessary so that worlds and cultures are accurately documented and the process can begin to determine if they are friend or foe, candidate for joining the Federation or a race to be avoided at all costs.
  • Ambassador to the Stenellian Ascendancy – The Stenellian Ascendancy is a sticky political situation given the nature of how we first met them. The Ambassador to this race will need a thick skin and be a master of diplomacy while retaining a backbone if ever they are to succeed with keeping up with, and being accepted by, them. They will need to report back to the Diplomatic Corps, and all other necessary offices, with the latest developments. This job requires a lot of travel.




  • Judge Advocate General of Starfleet – Work closely with the Director of Internal Affairs, the CinC, all Fleet Commanders, and all Command Teams to ensure that due process is followed when it comes to all legal matters throughout Starfleet. You will be responsible for investigating broken laws and violations of the rules of engagement as they stand and taking defendants through the process of being courts martialed.
  • Director of Internal Affairs – Internal affairs investigators are responsible for detecting and addressing crimes or offenses committed by Starfleet Officers and Enlisted alike and reporting them to the Judge Advocate General for prosecution. Their job description entails conducting investigations to verify the authenticity of complaints filed against Officers and deciding whether or not a complaint needs to be escalated.


Happy Simming!

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