The Simming Endeavor; a new chapter in distinguishing simming excellence

Ongoing Worlds has been a staple in the Science Fiction writing community for a hot minute now. Hosting games, on-line conventions, informative blogs, it was only the natural progression of things that they take on the responsibility of holding an on-line writing based ‘game show’. 

Set in the style of a SIM, the Simming Endeavor originally featured 12 writers in a SIM style environment in which unique weekly challenges are issued and judged by one guest judge per week. Immunity granted to but one contestant, the week’s winner, leaving the rest of the contestants subject to being voted off the proverbial island. The idea is the brainchild of UCIP’s former president; Charles Star who also agreed to pony up the challenge’s $100 USD grand prize.

It’s no surprise that two of UCIP’s own answered the call to join this unprecedented literary crusade. Mark Hyacinth, CO of the USS Ariadne and our own Madame President, and CO of the legendary USS Vindicator, October, went off to war. So far, we’ve yet to be disappointed in their stellar performances. 

While Mark was cut loose in Episode 4; Humor – after the majority of the contestants felt that satire just wasn’t his genre – his literary legacy lives on strong, leaving his seal on the simming universe for all time. 


His dismissal from the game left UCIP with one lone contestant… October, and our Madame President is no stranger to literary success… At all.

Her ship, the incomparable USS Vindicator, is one of the highest decorated SIMs ever to grace the internet. In fact, it’s been argued that it IS the highest decorated Star Trek based SIM to ever be created. More impressively, the Vindicator spans an existence that precedes UCIP’s formative years as AOL chat based organized role play and is, perhaps, the longest continuously running Star Trek SIM known to date making it the pinnacle definition of an “elite” SIM.

October has been one of her most prolific Commanding Officers, boasting an incredible 5 Andrew Bergen Awards, a Silver Quill, no less than 3 Top Billings at the Tournament of Simulations (two being overall top billings, one being a top Star Trek SIM award), and two Squiddies (one for the Vindicator herself, and one for October) during her time as CO alone. I feel like I’m forgetting a few awards, but the SIM, and her skipper, are truly beyond compare and a crowning addition to the UCIP family of SIMs.

Needless to say, it’s hasn’t been surprising to see October’s name touted in the top billings week after week, scoring herself immunity and two solid wins over the course of the last eight weeks. While the writers are hard at work on Week 9’s challenge, it’s safe to say that UCIP as a whole is rooting for their reigning champion but well aware that she has her work cut out for her as she battles for supremacy against four other titans of the Role Playing world. It’s without a doubt that her and Mark’s appearance on the Simming Endeavor is the beginning of a new chapter in the legacy book of this organization.

Next stop? Live Convention appearances perhaps? We can only hope.

To check out October’s challenge answering pieces, and those of the other players, check out On Going World’s blog here;

Interested in joining the USS Ariadne or the USS Vindicator? You can find both SIMs by checking out our Simulation page.

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