UCIP creates Office of Inspector General

Greetings fellow simmers,

Since I became Commander in Chief, I have realised that there is a significant amount of OOC drama that is generated from all around the organisation, this is tying up a significant portion of my time and generally saps the motivation for doing other, more enjoyable, tasks to keep this place moving and evolving.

With that in mind, I have decided to create a new position that operates alongside the current Chain of Command, this will be the Office of the Inspector General and they will be responsible for the handling of any OOC disputes and events that cannot be handled by a Sim CO. A brief can be seen below, or in the full document that will be available online soon.

Executive Summary
Under the auspices of the Inspector General’s office would be the handling of all Out Of Character (OOC) behavioural events. This would free up the existing Chain of Command (CoC) from dealing with such occurrences to allow them to focus on their primary job roles.

The Inspector General would be responsible for the enforcement of a revised Member Code of Conduct (MCoC), and would arbitrate all disputes from the local “SIM” level to the major “Org” level. The Inspector General would have broad and sweeping powers to impose sanctions as and where necessary for all offenses and violations of the MCoC and the UCIP Constitution in general.

The Inspector General’s office would administratively report to the UCIP Chief of Staff, and be classified as a “Staff” role. However, appeals against the Inspector General’s rulings would go through the Office of the CinC, rather than the Office of Chief of Staff.

The Inspector General will be appointed in the same manner as the Chief of Staff and the Chief of Fleet Operations.

With this new position, I have decided to appoint Frankie as the first Inspector General, he has a proven track record of mediating disputes and is someone I trust to handle the majority of cases that will cross his desk.


Commander in Chief

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