UCIP’s STO Fleet takes off!

Greetings fellow UCIPers!

I’m excited to announce that UCIP’s Star Trek Online Fleet has reached a fantastic landmark, we have achieved a Tier 2 Starbase – with the ability to purchase Advanced Fleet Personal and Space Gear.

None of this could’ve been done without the help of our own UCIP members who play the game, but a special tribute is needed for Dak (Capt. Nathan Hunter), who has almost by himself, built up the Fleet infrastructure in-game.

We are asking that anyone who wishes to play, who already has a character in the fleet and is inactive, or just wants to know what’s going on – to contact Frankie or Mike[Around], and ask us.

We will be organizing Fleet Events in the coming weeks, where groups of us will run Special Task Forces (STFs) to gather much needed resources for the Fleet projects. Stay tuned for that.

The UCIP Fleet cannot progress without *your* help.

FAdm. Frankie

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