Wink of an Eye

A little over a year and a half ago, you took a chance by selecting an outsider as your leader.  UCIP was in turmoil, due to multiple reasons, as most clubs experience from time to time.  You looked outside the box for your solution.

It seems like yesterday.

In the time since, all of you have exuded excellence.  The 2017 Tournament of Simulations (ToS) saw four of our sims place.  The USS Vindicator was the competition’s top rated Star Trek sim… for the third year in a row!  Our very own October Veritas won the prestigious 2018 Squiddie award.  And finally, recognizing everyone’s contributions and accomplishments, UCIP itself was presented with the 2017 Simming Prize.  Excellence is in your blood!

Last month I announced the creation of the new Davis Independent Simming Division.  Named in memory of longtime member Donald Davis, this is where independent games can create their own storylines outside of our fleet canon while still being members of UCIP.  The high-concept USS Mark Miller, led by Simming Prize Laureate Sam Jones, was the first to launch here.  The Miller is now also joined by the USS Jazza, a great place for those new to simming to get their start and learn the craft, and the USS Thermopylae, where a Star Trek fan club is bringing their unique creativity to simming.  Lastly, former President Thomas will soon be introducing the RSE Aylhr, a Romulan sim.  There’s something here for everyone!

Our work isn’t over.

Indeed, we’re in the midst of upgrading our IT infrastructure and general curb appeal.  We also still need to pass a new, more flexible club constitution that better fits today’s role playing and mobile environment.  Together, we’ll get this done, and more.

Finally, I’d like to announce that I will not be seeking re-election for the Presidency of UCIP in the 2019 August election.  By then we will have accomplished what we needed to and it will be time to hand the reigns to someone else.  The storied history of UCIP will continue to grow because of all of you and everything you bring to the table with every post, log, and keystroke.  Leading you and the rest of this club since August 2017 has been the greatest honor of my simming career.  I’m not going to mention everyone who played a role in our successes–that attempt will come later.  However, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention two more faithful sims today: the USS Enterprise and Cold Station Theta.  Oh, by the way, they both placed in ToS last year too!

Let’s continue being great.

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