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United Confederation of Intersteller Planets

UCIP is one of the most exciting simulation/role-play groups on the Internet, providing people with a huge variety of fleets and alien races to be a part of today. 

UCIP is also one of the longest established group on the Internet, founded by Fleet Admiral Mark Miller on December 6, 1994 serving simulation fans for nearly two decades!  . 

Our main goal here at UCIP has always been a simple one – to provide roleplay fans and enthusiasts alike with realistic simulations for them to participate in, but more importantly, to make sure they are fun and entertaining. 

UCIP provides online simulations which are conducted via Discord. This method allows for live interaction between other officers. 

We also host Nova based simulations this involves writing story-like “Logs” which are sent too all the crew of the ship/starbase/etc.. 

Whilst it may lack the live interaction of Discord, it allows for greater character development and creative writing.

Federation News Network

  • New Website Live

    Posted in Academy News, Corp of Engineers, Federation News Network on Mar 26, 2023.

    # New Website Live, As many of you are aware we lost much of our websites recently and in that time we have working to recover as much as we could.

  • The Next Generation...

    Posted in Federation News Network on Mar 10, 2023.

    After a massive hiccup in December that resulted in UCIP nearly losing its entire payload of data, information, and history, a dedicated team set about to resurrecting her once more. UCIP has now risen from the ashes yet again and we are all extremely excited to re-introduce her to the world of Star Trek SIMs.