We have a new UCIP Constitution!  The new fleet governing document proposed last month is hereby officially adopted: 2014 Constitution amendment criteria: motion must receive at least two-thirds of all member votes cast the motion received 14 yeas & 0 nays 2019 Constitution adoption criteria: motion must receive approval from at least two-thirds of all […]

Wink of an Eye

A little over a year and a half ago, you took a chance by selecting an outsider as your leader.  UCIP was in turmoil, due to multiple reasons, as most clubs experience from time to time.  You looked outside the box for your solution. It seems like yesterday. In the time since, all of you […]

A Tribute to Donald

As most all members of UCIP know by now, we lost one of the all time greats last month:  Donald Davis passed away after an extended illness.  Donald had served as our Fleet Services Officer for years, running just about all IT operations.  He was also footing much of the bill to keep UCIP afloat.  […]

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